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What is the Internet of Things?

And why should you care?

| Benson Hougland | TEDxTemecula


We are in the age of technological breakthroughs that have enabled those of the 'Powers That Be', to surveille us 24/7 without our knowledge and even without our consent.  Most of us are familiar with the typical tools of the surveillance era, of which consist of our personal computers, laptops, tablets, cellular phones, satellites, and even Closed Caption Televisions or (CCT's).  But did you know that there is a vast amount of other technologies that have been implemented in this overreach of surveillance on our personal privacies, by our very own government?  There are the Smart TV's, gaming consoles, smart watches, pace makers, newer model automobiles, smart appliances, smart meters, smart street lamps, smart kiosks, smart clothing, smart footwear, and many other technological breakthroughs which are being used not only to data mine our personal information, but to record and transcribe every aspect of our lives, 24/7. 

On Wednesday's, (March 8, 2017), broadcast of Trunews, Rick Wiles stated, “The stunning document dump on Tuesday, (March 7, 2017), by Wikileaks, known as 'Vault 7', revealed what many of us had known for years. U.S. Government intelligence agencies are snooping on the private affairs of the World. As F.B.I. Director James Comey said today, 'There is no right to absolute privacy.', the trove of documents and files released Tuesday, exposes how the Central Intelligence Agency hacks our smart phones, our smart tv's, our computer operating systems, and our text and messaging apps. Nothing, absolutely nothing is safe from their electronic eyes and ears. Wikileaks also revealed something else, many of us have long suspected. The U.S. Government is capable of hacking the vehicle control systems of cars and trucks, to engage in undetectable assassinations.”

The 'Powers That Be' have also through the years and even as recently as January of this year, implemented legislation and policies to control the internet and the air waves to basically shut everything down.  Here is what Alex Jones of had to say about it. “It's a big deal that Facebook, Sunday, (March 6, 2017), came out and said, 'Yeah, were going to start censoring pro-Trump news, or news we don't like, not even fake stuff, we're just going to censor it.' And it's big news that Google is now banning anybody from advertising, that basically is Right of Mau Se Tung. It's a big deal. And it's an even bigger deal that Obama put an internet kill switch in place in 2010, and then signed a bill right before he left office about two months ago, in early January, of 2017 of this year, about two months ago, saying that the C.I.A. would be over the media and over the board of governors of the F.C.C..”

As we are sitting down watching our favorite sitcom and/or movie, our smart tv or personal computer is recording everything in real time that may be taking place in your living room or bedroom.  Here is what YouTuber, David Seaman had to say about this, “Now it's worth reminding people, that the C.I.A., is not authorized to conduct surveillance or operations on U.S. Soil against U.S. Citizens and yet in these documents there are almost no safeguards, I shouldn't say 'almost', NO SAFEGUARDS, against these tools being deployed against American citizens, against our phones, and against our own tv sets. That was one of the more bizarre parts of the Wikileaks Vault 7, is that the C.I.A., has developed technology that allows your tv to spy on you, even when you think your tv is turned off. It enters to what is known as a 'fake off' mode and can see, it can listen, and it can send your conversations right to a C.I.A., owned and operated servers.”

It has also been reported that the biggest financial supporter for the implementation of this global surveillance program, also referred to as the 'Artificial Intelligence, (A.I.), Global Brain', is non other than Saudi Arabia.  They have fronted 100 billion dollars into this technology investment fund, of which ultimately will give them the position to oversee it's implementation, control and it's deployment in real time.  Mr. Wiles of Trunews also surmised on Wednesdays program, that this is what appears to be the implementation of a Digital Sharia Law.  We won't have any privacy, and the surveillance apparatus will be controlled by 'Head Choppers'.

Folks, we need ensure that President Trump continues to stay on topic to expose the Pedophile network of politicians, corporate C.E.O.'s and other internationational government leaders.  They are running scared and are trying to distract us by continually putting the 'Fake News' narrative on anything that resembles the 'Truth' of what is actually going on.  We need to continue to shine the light on these vermin. Please pray that President Trump will continue to have the guidance, direction and protection of our Heavenly Father, so that we can finally put this to rest and save Humanity from enslavement and/or it's utter destruction.  God have mercy on us all.....